Today, many of us watched the news as more information came out regarding the destruction and devastation in Matador, Texas. Last night, a tornado ravaged the small Texas town leaving 4 dead and several injured.

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Once Again, A Town In Our Area Has Been Hit By Tragedy

We've seen flooding across the area. Perryton, Texas was recently hit by a deadly tornado. Now, another town in our area is reeling from the dangerous weather we've seen.

Matador is a small Texas town that usually doesn't garner that much attention. Today, eyes all over the nation were looking on in horror at the destruction left in the wake of a deadly tornado.

Storm chasers posted photos and videos that took my breath away. Some would later open up about what they experienced in Matador. More than once I had tears in my eyes as I read accounts of people digging through rubble, helping a stranger search for their loved ones.

The scenes we've seen play out on news outlets across the country have been heartbreaking to say the least. It's a crushing tragedy.

Reports are that 4 died in the tornado, and around 10 were injured. There are several relief efforts underway. You can find the list here.

If you're the praying type, offer some words up on behalf of those in Matador. There's a lot of rebuilding that is going to need to be done, and lives that are going to have to be pieced back together.

Be sure, as we continue into the summer months, that you have a plan for when disaster strikes. Know what to do, and how you're going to do it, before the storm hits. Know where you're going to go for shelter. For tips on what to do during a tornado, follow this link.

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