Dallas Cowboys fans always look forward to the annual Thanksgiving game. If something weird is going to happen during one game during the year, it's this one. And this years game, adds some drama, with 1st place in the NFC East on the line, as the Washington Redskins come to AT&T stadium.

The Cowboys have had some really strange things happen on Thanksgiving day. Some really good, some not so much. Here's are 5 games die-hard Cowboys fans still talk about:

5. (1994) Starter Troy Aikman and backup Rodney Peete, were both out for injuries when Green Bay came to town. The starting job fell to QB # 3, Jason Garrett. The Packers brought Brett Farve with them but it was Garrett who put on the airshow that day. Emmitt Smith had a big day as well, as the Cowboys beat Green Bay 42-31.

4. (1966) The first Cowboys Thanksgiving game.was played in Dallas at the Cotton Bowl against the Cleveland Browns. Don Meredith threw for 131 yards, Don Perkins, ran for 111 yards, and kicker Danny Villanueva kicked four field goals, which is still a Cowboys Thanksgiving record.

3. (1993) Jimmy Johnson's Cowboys meet Don Shula's Miami Dolphins and it looked like Dallas was going to win. Miami's kicker Pete Stoyanovich had a chance to win the game with a field goal in the final seconds. The Cowboys Jimmy Jones, blocke Ryd the kick and sent the ball into the 10 yard line All Dallas had to do, was not touch the ball, and they won. But Leon Lett followed the ball, and touched it and a dead ball became live at the one. Stoyanovich got another chance to kick-and did. Cowboys lose 16-14.

2. (1989) The "Bounty Bowl." Jimmy Johnson's first Thanksgiving Day game, came against the Philadelphia Eagle, with Buddy Ryan at the helm. Ryan had recently cut punter Luis Zendejas, and Dallas had signed him. Linebacker Jesse Small hit Zendejas in the 3rd quarter, and knocked him out of the game. There were allegations of a "bounty" put on the head of  Luis Zendejas . The Cowboys lost 27-0 and Johnson requested Ryan's "fat rear end" out of the dressing room, but Ryan never came out. This game, is why Cowboys fans, hate the Eagles, so badly.

1.(1974) A game that will live on in infamy. Cowboys starter, Roger Staubach, was injured  so his backup, Clint Longley, who previously had only started two games before the Thanksgiving battle, took the field. There weren't five people outside of Longley's family, that knew his name. But here he was, on national TV, quarterbacking America's Team. The Cowboys were on the verge of losing, when with 28 seconds left, Longley drew back and hit Drew Pearson for a 50 yard touchdown, and the legend of the "Mad Bomber" was born. Dallas went on to win 24-23. Longley's legend ended when he sucker punched Staubach during training camp, after which he ran to his car, drove to the airport, and departed the Dallas Cowboys forever.


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