The TV show COPS and Amarillo, Texas have an interesting history. There have been numerous occasions when Yellow City has given the iconic TV show some very memorable moments. Here are five of the most memorable moments of Amarillo on COPS.

In the first clip, you have a pizza guy who gets robbed by a man and a woman. Police begin hunting for the suspects, and eventually find the man. They find brass knuckles and a knife on him, and also find several "burglary tools" in a parked car. The moment is appropriately named "A Slice Of Justice." See what they did there?

Next, you have the clip where a man finds himself in a whole lot of trouble after approaching a woman in a park and making a lewd offer. As you might guess, she declines and the police get a phone call. To make matters even more...interesting, the man's wife winds up on the scene.

This one doesn't involve anything criminal...except for the panhandle weather.The COPS crew finds themselves in Amarillo just in time to catch some of our wonderful winter weather. It's a pretty funny clip of the crew trying to combat the cold.

This next clip is one of the more famous. It involves a robbery of a convenience store. After tracking down the vehicle that was used in the robbery, they find out the owner had loaned it out to their son so that he could go to a high school football game. Things don't go well for the son when he arrives home.

In this last clip, we have a traffic stop in a Walmart parking lot that ends with a bluff being called. The bluff? The suspect claims that the taser won't do anything.

He was wrong.

I'm no expert, but I don't think it's ever a good idea to bet with someone who is holding a taser. It just doesn't seem like it would ever end up swinging in your favor.

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