I don't know about you, but I'm kind of dragging today.  I know we got an extra hour of sleep over the weekend, but does that extra hour make a difference if you wake up an hour early?  I don't know about you by my internal clock is still set on Daylight Saving Time.  All day yesterday I kept looking at the clock thinking, "is it bedtime, nope, it's only 5:30pm."  It will take some adjusting, but we'll get used to about the time we spring back.

So how will you survive this time change?  Here's a few things you can do to help yourself out today.

  • Extra Coffee

    I have no doubt that I will be partaking of extra coffee this morning.  I think I will drink it all day.   Now, I may regret that at bedtime, but to keep me awake this morning, I'll be drinking lots of coffee.

  • Take a Couple of Days Off Work

    If you have extra vacation days, then take that Monday and Tuesday after the time change off to allow your body to rest and adjust to the new change.

  • Psych Yourself Out

    Just pretend the time change didn't happen.  Switch all your clocks and just go back to normal life.

  • Emergen-C

    I start the morning with an Emergen-C.  When I start feeling a cold coming on I take an Emergen-C about every two hours, however I have taken two this morning and I don't feel groggy.

  • Crawl Under Your Desk and Take a Nap

    When was the last time someone looked under your desk when they couldn't find you.  Just crawl under your desk and catch a quick nap today.  I'll be honest, I've done this before and wow, that 30 minute power nap was worth it.  Shhhh, don't tell my boss.

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