This weekend brings the time of year we all yearn for, that extra hour of sleep.  This weekend also means that it will start getting darker sooner and lighter earlier.  Daylight Saving Time ends this weekend.

change to standard time

I don't know about you, but I look forward to having that extra hour of sleep sneak in.  I love the fall back more than the spring forward.  It seems that it takes longer for my body to adjust to losing an hour than it does for gaining an hour.

Plus, I'm all about it getting darker earlier.  I get up about 4:30am every morning so I have a tendency to go to bed at an earlier hour than most (that is if one of my favorite TV shows doesn't come on).  So sometimes, it isn't easy to fall asleep when there is still hint of light left in the sky.  When we gain that hour, I don't have to worry about that problem at all.

Now you may be one who loves the extra daylight, and that's cool to have in the summer.  It's fun to spend some extra time outside during the summer months when it's warm.  I say that now that summer has stuck around until November (can we please have fall now).    Either way, the time change takes a few days to adjust to, and it does throw our internal clocks into chaos.

So before you go to bed on Saturday, make sure to set your clocks back one hour before you fall asleep and then enjoy that extra hour of sleep.

What do you prefer? An extra hour of sleep or losing an hour of sleep and gaining more daylight?


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