So last night as I left work I realized how dark it really was.

I get it. We fell back an hour Saturday night. I didn’t really get the time change until I was leaving work yesterday. I know this happens every year but it seems to always be a kick in the behind until I get used to it again.

I leave for work at 5 am and guess what? It’s dark. So now since the time change guess what happens when I leave work at night?

Yep, it’s dark. I get it. I moved my car closer yesterday at about 5 pm because I was afraid of how dark it would get and I don't really like walking by myself in Downtown Amarillo. I know I can have security at work walk me out.....but I am a big girl I just have to remember to move my car to the back behind the gate.

If I forget to do this at 5 pm....that is when I make the phone call to my daughter so I have someone on the phone with me. It just makes me feel a bit safer.

I used to love this time of year because I could convince Faith that 6 pm was a great time to go to bed. That was great when I wasn’t leaving to go home.

The time change is both good and bad. Really it is. I hate it right now when it’s dark both when I am going and coming home from work. I love the time change in the spring and summer when it stays lighter a bit later in the day. I will have to say that is my favorite time.

Are you a fan of the time change? Comment below.

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