This upcoming weekend marks Daylight Saving Time. Twice a year, we all lament the fact that we are forced to adjust to either "gaining" or "losing" an hour of sleep.


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When Was The Last Time You Worried About Setting Your Clock?

Complaining about Daylight Saving Time seems a bit archaic anymore. Think about it.

While yes, this weekend we "spring forward" and lose an hour of sleep, I doubt many of us are worried about setting our clocks. The reason? Your phone.

Our phones are all connected, twenty-four-seven, to a global network. Rarely, if ever, do you even have to set the time on your phone. It does it for you.

The vast majority of people I know, use only their smart phone to wake them up in the morning. I don't know of anyone still using an "old-school" alarm clock that they have to set.

You Still Need To Set The Time On Your Microwave...

...for the most part. Even then, it isn't like you use the clock on the microwave to remind yourself you have an important appointment coming up.

I've personally gone months without realizing I forgot to set the time on my stove, microwave, coffee name it.

Spring 2022 Daylight Saving Time Is This Sunday

Sunday, March 13, 2022 is when Daylight Saving Time will officially being. To be even more specific, it's at 2 AM.

Just for fun, I might run around the house and change the time on my coffee pot, microwave, and stove. You know. Just for kicks.

There has been a lot of talk, and there usually is, about ending Daylight Saving Time. Honestly, at this point, I don't think any of us would miss it.

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