This weekend (March 12, 2023), we will once again be faced with a time-change. This weekend, overnight Saturday into Sunday, we will "spring forward." Once again, the debate over whether or not this is the dumbest practice in the history of humanity is raging.

Will Texas finally do away with changing our clocks twice a year? There's a chance.

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Say Hello To HJR 100 in Texas, Which Could End The Maddness

I haven't seen much written about House Joint Resolution 100, or seen it mentioned many places. If you're anti-clock-changing, then it's something you might want to keep an eye on.

This resolution would pave the way to putting daylight saving time up to a vote of the people.

The actual language of the bill puts it as a choice left to Texans over whether or not to keep standard time (fall back) or daylight saving time (spring forward). Think of it, no more changing the clock on your stove-top, microwave, or coffee pot.

Why Should Texas Get Rid Of The Time Change?

I was shocked to learn that changing the clock actually does plenty of damage to people, at least according to experts who have fancy letters surrounding their names. It can lead to all kinds of problems.

It messes with the body's "natural clock" which helps us know when to sleep, eat, and so on. At least, that's according to some sleep doctors. Basically they say the changing time thing is a terrible idea. They also aren't fans of keeping Daylight Saving Time permanent.

While the extra hour of sunlight is nice, they say that the body's natural clock is more in line with Standard Time. They think making the change permanent to have more sunlight is going to be a really bad decision health wise, and it all starts with the sleep we won't be getting. They really paint a scary picture.

No matter how you feel about it, if you still have a clock that needs setting, set it ahead an hour before you go to sleep on Saturday.

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