We almost have a full work week with the time change under our belt. Whether we love the change or hate it. It happened and we have to just deal with it. There has been debate if we should put an end to it.

If we did....would we stay with Daylight Saving Time or Standard Time? We can't agree on that either. Did you know that this whole time change really does a number on our health?

It messes with your internal clock. Your body gets use to one thing and bam we start to tell it another. Whether it is we lost an hour in the day or gained. Either way it wreaks havoc on our body's natural time

More of the problems are because of the losing an hour. Such as more car crashes are caused because of the sun setting and raising during peak travel time to and from work. There are also more heart attacks after we lose that hour in the spring too. It is mainly people who already have existing heart conditions.

So I feel if we were to stick with one time and not have the change, it may be better for us to stick with Standard Time and not ever springing forward. Or we spring forward just one more time and keep it right there. I mean Hawaii and Arizona doesn't mess with all

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