We have heard several times that being healthy is important. I mean if we want to live longer that definitely helps. Being healthy is eighty percent diet and twenty percent exercise. Did you know that being kind is also important.

It can really help. Doing good deeds can help us to live longer. Just think how great you feel if you help someone out. That key feeling can help your longevity on this planet. There are only a few things you have to do to keep that feeling going.

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If you like to spend your time volunteering that gives you that good heart feeling. Whether you help sort out food for Snack Pack For Kids. Maybe you like helping Family Support Services with some of their projects. It really doesn't matter. Pick a non profit here in the Amarillo area. Get involved. You will feel better and that will help with your happiness and your help.

Maybe you don't have the time to spend on volunteering. Don't worry. Not all hope is lost. You can get that same feeling by donating. It can be money if you can. If not I am sure you have a closet or garage full of stuff you don't use anymore. I mean you don't want to throw it out because it really is some good stuff. So go through it. You will feel better helping out local organizations like Goodwill or Downtown Women's Center. You will also help yourself by cleaning out some clutter. A win win in my book.

What are some other things you can do? How about just being kind? Paying a compliment to someone. It needs to be a compliment that your really believe. You will help them feel better and guess what that will help your heart too.

So work your way to a better and healthier you just by helping out in the easiest of ways. You will feel so much better and happier.

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