We decided to drive to Austin for Thanksgiving this year instead of flying. Being on the road, you get to experience restaurants in different towns, convenience store bathrooms, and road construction that's not in Amarillo.

The trip back was on Sunday, which is the day most people travel back to work, college, and home. As we got closer to the south end of Lubbock, traffic became a real issue. It seemed the people who fill up Texas Tech, were coming home at the exact time we were.

And we all needed to fill up our tanks, at the same time. In Post, There is a Stripes location in Post and an Allsup's. What up, Allsups? I can fill up and grab a burrito! Except, I couldn't. There were many, very many vehicles with Tech stickers, parked at the pumps. There were lines-actual lines to get to the pump. So, I went to Stripes and found the same thing. Long lines and short tempers.

I wasn't in a big hurry, but others were.There was shouting, fist shaking, and words we shouldn't use this close to Christmas. Elton John was playing on my radio, I was waiting in an actual line for gas, so here comes the 70s flashbacks! No bell bottoms or halter tops this time, although we did see a lot of people who wear pajamas and house shoes, on long trips.

If you travel this holiday, remember others are out there as well. We'll discuss gas pump etiquette at another time here.  Everyone wants to get where they're going. Keep that holiday spirit up. Take your time and enjoy the ride. If you need a 70s flashback, punch up the BeeGees, or The Doobie Brothers. They are so much fun than gas lines. Or leisure suits.

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