Loading up for Grandma's house for Christmas can be stressful! Whoever is driving has plenty to do, What about the kids? If you're traveling from Amarillo to Houston, you'll find out just how big Texas is, with every passing mile,

According to a new survey, the first argument will occur 27 minutes into your trip. Someone will say "I'm tired", "I have to go to the bathroom" and "I'm hungry" an average of six times...EACH..while  traveling.

The top 5 things that can ignite an argument on family road trip are: 1. Controlling the radio, 2. The car temperature, 3. What route to take. 4. Frustrated with traffic, and when to stop for bathroom breaks.

We found a few more things about that family car trip: A flat tire is the most common car-related issue during holiday travel. The Christmas song we're most likely to sing along to is "Jingle Bell Rock: and the 3 things you are most likely to forget at home are your phone charger, your toothbrush, and your phone.

Happy Motoring!

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