We've heard it said that when we die, we'll go to Love Field in Dallas, before we go up or down. It seems every flight from Amarillo goes to Dallas first, and then off to your final destination.

My oldest son lives in Austin, and we go there to spend Thanksgiving with him. In the past, we've gone from here to Dallas, and THEN to Austin. Via Airline is going to change that, adding a direct flight from Amarillo to Austin beginning Sept. 18.

This works our perfect for us. Last year, the only flight we could get, was Thanksgiving morning and it was packed. I like Love Field, in fact I prefer it over DFW. I prefer not stopping at all, if possible.

Via is advertising $99 fares, and that might be the answer to getting him to come see us. We're going to give it a shot during the holidays. I'll miss popping in at the Love Field Whataburger, but it gets me to the turkey faster-I'm in!!

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