I would have to say that grocery shopping is not my favorite thing in the world to do. Do you feel that way too? I tend to go maybe once a week. I also find myself trying to think of everything I might need next week too. In hopes of not having to go back.

I make my lists. I try to plan menus. I walk out spending way too much. I always joke that I just came in for ONE thing. While I am there I might as well get everything else. The hopes is to avoid another trip.

What ends up happening? I feel a lot of the stuff I bought goes to waste before I even end up using them. Such a waste. It's not uncommon though. Apparently the way to go is totally against what I always thought.

You should try to go to the store more often and buying smaller amounts. Well that does make sense. You have a better chance of using up everything before they end up in the trash.

The ultimate goal is to go daily and just buy what you need that day. This type of shopping also helps you make healthier choices too. You are living in the moment. If you can't do that then maybe shoot for just twice a month or once a week. Just upping your visits from what you currently do will help.

Our problem is that we all like to overbuy. I am not the only guilty one here. The average family of 4 wastes $124 on food. That averages out to about $31 per person. That can add up SO fast.

How many bananas do you end up throwing away? I know I have a bag of spinach I had all good intentions of eating as a salad. I looked in my produce drawer last night....yep another victim of overbuying.

So we need to try to get in the habit of buying your food more often. See if that helps you. You might even end up saving money because you are not going out to eat as often. So healthier eating and saving money. It is definitely a win-win situation.


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