There have been a lot of changes these past few weeks. Some of us are working from home. Some have lost jobs. Some are learning to be teachers to their kiddos to help them through all of this.

We will be better for all of this at the end. We have seen a lot of positive stories during this all too. We have seen people step up to help others that have been hit the hardest. We have found easy ways to turn a positive spin as well. We are going on Bear Hunts with our families. We are also hanging yellow ribbons around town for the health care professionals showing we are united behind them.

So with the bad there are tons of good things too. What are some easy things that you can do to stay calm during all this? We need to find ways to keep calm during this all. It's all new to us. It's going to end. We just don't know when. I can speak for everyone who can't wait to get back to normal. Right?

We have to find ways to decompress. Do a simple task everyday so that we can remember that with everything going on we can be in control of some things. What are some of those things that can make our lives easier?

Finding time to get outside every day. Take a trip to the backyard. Enjoy the sunshine as much as you can. That can really add to your mood. Also I am sure there are a lot of tasks that we need to be doing. We just procrastinate. Now we have nothing but time but that doesn't exactly make us want to work on these projects.

So how about completing a task here and there. It really doesn't matter how big or small. Just the idea of being able to check something off our list. We will feel a lot more accomplished.

So yes you need a clean house? Don't tackle it all at once. Clean your kitchen one day....bathroom the's not so overwhelming that way. The same thing goes for paying bills. Don't pay them all at once. Pay one per day. It makes it seem a lot less of a chore.

What else can we do to make tasks not seem so overloading? Comment below.

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