As the technology of the world progresses so does the way we can get injured I guess. I mean thirty years or so ago who would have thought of the way cell phones would change our lives.

I remember having a math teacher tell us we had to learn to do math because we wouldn't always have a calculator with us. Boy did we prove them wrong. Right?

So now because of us all carrying those cellphones with us all the time it has actually caused us to have a huge jump in injuries.

I mean how many times to you see someone walking down the street or the hallway at work with their head down just staring at their phone? I feel it happens quite frequently. The fact that our cell phones have taken over our life is the direct reason doctors say we are tripping, falling and just slamming into things. We are THAT distracted by our phones.

It's not all bad news. It seems that most of these injuries are pretty mild. There are some extreme instances where people have wound up with traumatic brain injuries. How about the people who are checking their phones in bed and broke their nose because they dropped the phone. It has been known to happen.

The takeaway here is to not be so absorbed with your phone. When you are walking it is probably safest to put that phone up. You can text when you get to where we are going. We also no that using that phone while driving is not only illegal but can also cause crashes and much more serious injuries and even death.

Just be self away and safe. Can't wait to see what the next technology to be invented that will take over our lives and cause more injuries.


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