Do you workout? Do you head to the gym? Or the treadmill in your house? Do you think there is a good time to work out?

Well according to a new study the answer is yes. I mean if you want that workout to do even more for you. If you get your sweat on before breakfast you end up burning even more fat then you would if you wait later in the day.

A study was done where a group of overweight and obese men ate the same food and did the same workout. The ones who worked out before breakfast ended up losing more fat then the ones who worked out after breakfast.

The reasoning behind this is that if you work out on an empty stomach it forces your body to burn the stored fat you have. If you eat first then you are burning the calories that you just ate. So it does make sense.

The guys who worked out before breakfast actually saw more benefits to their overall health as well.

So if you can get up and make it part of your routine to work out in the morning and benefit yourself like this. I mean it is a great idea. Oh and it makes a lot of sense.


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