I am in absolute heaven!  I am as giddy as a school girl.  It looks as if Hi-C is about to do something amazing.  Could it be true.  Will my year be made?  Hi-C is reviving the Ecto Cooler flavor.  This is where I do my happy dance.

Ecto Cooler
Amazon via Player One Collectibles

As a kid the Ecto Cooler was my favorite Hi-C flavor of all time.   Ecto Cooler was a flavor Hi-C released in conjunction with the cartoon The Real Ghostbusters (which I loved watching by the way). I remember walking around with my Hi-C juice box featuring Slimer on it.  It was awesome and it was green and it was yummy and it was the best flavor Hi-C ever had.   I was devastated when it went away in the 90's.   The only other option was fruit punch.  It was good, but it wasn't my Ecto Cooler.

However, Ecto Cooler is coming back!!!!  I am so excited!

The only thing missing on this can is Slimer.

This makes me so happy!



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