A quick trip down 10th street east of downtown will bring you in to the Barrio neighborhood. This unique section of Amarillo dates back to 1889 when the SantaFe railroad legally brought in workers from Mexico and provided employment and housing.

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Today the neighborhood is on the rebound and happens to be a wonderful diverse community with a lot of pride. When you pass under the rails under Grant street you definitely notice a bit of color that welcomes you in.

Michael J. Rivera
Michael J. Rivera/TSM

Coming up Wednesday July 28th, A little more color is coming to the neighborhood as the folks at the Amarillo Community Wesley Center and Los Barrios De Amarillo each celebrate milestone anniversaries, their 70th and 50th respectively with the unveiling of a brand new mural at the Wesley Center on Roberts Street. The work of art which was commissioned by Blank Spaces and done with help from a City of Amarillo Grant. Blank Spaces already has quite an impressive resume of work across the Amarillo area including this one here at 414 S. Polk

Sarah Clark/TSM
Sarah Clark/TSM

According to the folks over at the Wesley Center

The mural details the organizations various chapters of their story in El Barrio. From the guitara, pinatas, acordeon, nopales, food, baile folkloric, and more. Blank Spaces conveyed the triumph over adversity, sacrifice, and ultimately, hope of the families and students who have utilized both organizations. It’s a must see masterpiece, emblazoned in rich and vibrant colors. They also blended photorealistic images of the kitchen cooks who have been with the Center for almost 30 years.

Of course it wouldn't be a party without great food including one of my personal favorites Pan Dulce which if you aren't of the spanish speaking variety is literally Candy Bread. Not really, but it is a nice sweet bread that is totally worth a bite. You'll also have  a chance to meet the artists involved in the project

The unveiling takes place Wednesday July 28th at 10 AM, the Amarillo Wesley Community Center is at 1615 S. Roberts St.

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