I have always been envious of anyone that can draw. Anyone who has any artistic ability I am in awe of. I have no creativity and my hands just don't work like that. I took an art class in both seventh and eighth grade and it pained me.

When people were doing these great sculptures in ivory soap I was trying to carve a heart that somehow didn't end up looking like a blob. I have no skills whatsoever.

So when I see an event like this, I feel I need to go out and enjoy all the artistic people here in Amarillo. Oh, and we have a ton. This Saturday is Art in the Park.

All those kiddos who have excellent skills can show it off. You know those that can create a work of art during back-to-school time just using chalk and a parking space? Yeah, not me.

Art in the Park

This will be happening next Saturday out a Medi Park. So grab your other like-minded friends. The ones who can create a work of art too. It's going to be a lot of fun. Oh, and if you ever dreamed of making one of those cool murals like you see in Downtown Amarillo this is your chance.

The high school and community winners will get to do just that. You will be able to turn your winning design into a mural during Hoodoo Mural Festival. How cool would that be?

credit: Desmond/Hoodoo Mural Festival
credit: Desmond/Hoodoo Mural Festival

All it takes is some chalk and some creativity. You can see your design come to life in paint with the help of Blank Spaces. I mean that would really be something cool to show off to all your family and friends. Knowing that you helped improve Amarillo one brush at a time.

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