There are a lot of talented musicians in our little neck of the woods. Go participate in any jam session or open mic, and you'll find yourself surrounded by people who will make you want to go home and practice. Trust me. I've done it.

If you have a band or know one, there's a cool opportunity coming up in Amarillo that may interest you.

Hoodoo Mural Festival 2023 Accepting Applications For Local Bands

They have officially put out the call for applications. If you're a local band or songwriter, Hoodoo Mural Festival could be interested in putting you on stage during this year's event.

It's a great stage to be on. The mural fest is a big event. It's well attended from beginning to end, and there are plenty of people hanging out near the stage waiting for the show to start.

You can check out the application here.

There's a big take-away in the application that shouldn't be glossed over. They're adding a second stage this year. I've never heard anyone say that more music is a bad thing. This is quite possibly my favorite bit of news so far regarding this year's fest.

Fancy Yourself More Of A DJ? Hoodoo Wants You Too.

They're also looking for DJs for this year's silent disco, which was my daughter's second favorite part of the event. Headphones on, she bopped her way around the fest like she owned the place.

If you have the DJ DNA, put in an application.

Two stages, and the silent disco is coming back? This is going to be a great year at Hoodoo Mural Fest.

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