Sigh...once again, our neighbors to the south get a level up while we sit and wait.

This is a tale as old as time, the classic Amarillo vs. Lubbock debate. Amarillo is like the little brother who wants to play with big brother Lubbock and his friends. Haha

Rumors of the store have been circling HUB city for many months now. On Wednesday morning officials with H-E-B were pleased to confirm the rumors and announce the details of a new location coming to Lubbock.

Starting in the fall of 2020 Lubbock will be able to stock up on as much H-E-B's famous Whataburger Ketchup as they want.

H-E-B gained viral status after being featured in Buzzfeed and many other publications for being "The Best Dang Grocery Store."

Along with the store opening, they announced they would be donating to some organizations around the Lubbock area. H-E-B brought with it a trailer full of cereal and another trailer full of produce, all to donate to the South Plains Food Bank.


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