Who doesn't remember Buffalo NIckel? I mean if you have lived here for any amount of time you at least remember the jingle. "Buffalo Nickel, One Nickel at a Time." Listen to it here:

Yes, you could be dropped off with a few dollars and spend hours upon hours playing. The games really only cost one nickel. Can you even imagine that? We all grew up playing video games and having to put your quarter on the game to call it next.

Not at Buffalo Nickel. Not only was this place a kid's dream come true. They could save their allowance and get mom or dad to drop them off. Heck, even mom or dad was good with throwing an extra $5 at them to keep them occupied a little longer. Oh, it was especially a good deal in those summer months. You needed to find something to keep the kids occupied.

Oh, the days of Western Plaza. That mall is the one that housed Buffalo Nickel. It's sad to not see it standing anymore. Now we only have Burlington, Michaels, PetCo, and Mardel to look at and remember its heyday.

All the research I could find says that Buffalo Nickel seemed to close somewhere around 2007. Not long after that, we got what is now Western Crossing. With the tear down of our mall, Western Plaza, we had to say goodbye to Buffalo Nickel.

At least we can still have fond memories of the smell of popcorn as you walked through. The vision of all the great video games. The thoughts of all the tickets you would win. The great prizes that you would trade those tickets in for were a hit. Buffalo Nickel may be gone but our memories live on.

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