In light of recent legislation, looking at you Senate Bill 8, it should be no surprise that there is a march being planned in Amarillo. There will be a women's march held in October.

The march will begin in Ellwood Park . From there, activists and advocates will march to the courthouse.

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According to an event page for the march, there will be music and speakers at the march.

The focus of the march is on reproductive rights. Namely, opposition to what has been viewed by many as the most heavy handed "abortion legislation" in the country.

Is "abortion legislation" even the right phrase?

When you view the event page, the phrase used is "reproductive rights." Basically, in case you don't know, the idea is that a woman should be in control of her own body. Not the state. Not the state inspired by religion. It goes beyond just abortions.

There has been a lot said about Senate Bill 8 recently. Social media platforms are full of sometimes exaggerated accounts of what is in the bill and what is not. Comment sections have been unreal to read through.

If you'd like to see a pretty good run down of what is in the bill, you can check it out here. This is the best one I've seen so far.

I would link to the event page here, but I don't want to be the easy road someone took to harass women who are planning on making good use of the First Amendment. If you are interested in helping organize, or joining the march, I'm sure you know what to search for in Google in order to find it.

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