I am having a hard time believing that Lubbock, Texas, home of Texas Tech and Buddy Holly, is the 2nd most beauty-obsessed city in the United States.  However, according to a new study by InStyle Magazine, Lubbock, Texas does indeed come in at #2.

According to the InStyle:

We asked the brainiacs at FourSquare to tally the data from its 15 million users to find out which cities users are checking into most for beauty stores like Ulta, Sephora, and more. And, according to the free mobile app, the most beauty-obsessed city with over 300,000 check-ins is Fresno, CA, which is home to five beauty schools, as well as multiple beauty retailers. Lubbock, TX follows in the number two spot, with Tulsa, OK rounding out the top three.

So in all actuality Lubbock, Texas may not truly be the 2nd most beauty-obsessed city in the U.S. but it could very well be addicted to the Foursquare App.