While students remain out of school and using distance learning, the Amarillo Independent School District is still providing as many services as they can for students while the learn remotely. Students will now be able to pick up both breakfast and lunch in one stop instead of going multiple times a day. Both meals will be handed out curbside weekdays from 11am to 1pm. This is a change for students as they will no longer have to go in the morning to get breakfast separately. Those locations include:

  • Caprock High School, 3001 East 34th
  • Palo Duro High School, 1400 North Grant
  • Austin Middle School, 1808 Wimberly
  • South Lawn Elementary School, 4719 South Bowie
  • Ridgecrest Elementary School, 5306 SW 37th
  • Glenwood Elementary School, 2407 South Houston
  • Forest Hill Elementary School, 3515 East Amarillo Boulevard
  • San Jacinto Elementary School, 3400 West 4th
  • Eastridge Elementary School, 1314 Evergreen
  • Mesa Verde Elementary School, 4011 Beaver
  • Rogers Elementary School, 920 N. Mirror
  • Carver Academy, 1905 NW 12th
  • Avondale Elementary School, 1500 Avondale
  • Emerson Elementary School, 600 N. Cleveland
  • Humphrey's Highland Elementary School, 3901 SE 15th Ave.
  • Wills Elementary will be serving at the former Hastings Store Support Center (northeast parking lot), 3601 Plains Blvd.

You may go to the location nearest you to pick up meals. Parents may pick up meals for their children even if their children are not present in the car. Parents simply need to show something from the school that indicates their child attends an AISD school (such as a school letter or email, bumper sticker, etc.) One breakfast and one lunch per child will be provided.

Along with still providing daily meals, Amarillo ISD has been working to install WiFi-enabled hotspots around the city for students to use. Buses that were previously at Bones Hook Park and Southeast Park have been moved to the Sam's Club on Ross-Osage and West Hills Park on southwest 2nd Ave. You can park near one of the buses during the times specified below and access WiFi from your vehicle. Directions on how to connect to WiFi are displayed on the windshield of each bus.

  • Sam's Club, 2201 Ross-Osage Dr. - southeast parking lot off SE 21st Ave.
  • NEW West Hills Park, SW 2nd Ave. - north end of park on NW 4th Ave.
  • John Stiff Memorial Park, 4800 Bell Street – parking lot on north side of baseball/softball fields
  • Thompson Park, 2401 Dumas Drive – parking lot on east side of Thompson Park swimming pool
  • Westgate Mall, northeast parking lot by Chuck E. Cheese
  • Pride Home Center, 3503 NE 24th

Buses will park at the above locations three different times during the day, Monday through Friday:

  • 10:00 AM – 12:00 Noon
  • 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM
  • 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

One exception to both the meal pickups and the free WiFi is Friday, April 10, as AISD will be closed for the Good Friday school holiday.

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