TSM Danny

Last week Bath & Body Works announced the company was planning on closing fifty stores that were under performing and would not reopen after the COVID-19 pandemic. Amarillo’s Bath & Body Works is not on that list. The Westgate Mall location will reopen June 5. Social distancing rules and store capacity will be enforced.

TSM Danny

Just in time for their new summer line including Perfect Peony that my sister in San Antonio says is wonderful. I’ll take her word for it. But then again she puts mayonnaise on hot dogs.

Most Bath & Body Works locations shut temporarily on March 17 due to the pandemic, and now select stores are now beginning to reopen. Net sales for the first quarter of this year dropped 37% from the same period last year, the company said in its report to investors available on their website.

The stores that will not be opening are in mall locations that have under performed in mostly rural areas. L brands based in Columbus Ohio, plans to shutter 250 of their Victoria Secret locations as well. The Victoria Secret location in Amarillo has no information on reopening on their gate. Leading to speculation of that stores fate.

“We think there will be more store rationalization over the next several years as well,” interim Victoria’s Secret CEO Stuart Burgdoerfer said last week in a press release on the corporate website.

“We would expect to have a meaningful number of additional store closures beyond the 250 that we’re pursuing this year ... meaning there will be more in 2021 and probably a bit more in 2022,” he added, declining to put a number to those years.