How can you help alleviate hunger in the Texas Panhandle?  You can participate in Scouting for Food this Saturday, March 22nd.  Local Boy Scouts will be canvasing the neighborhoods collecting food for the High Plains Food Bank.   How do you participate?


Local Boy Scouts will be canvassing neighborhoods this week with fliers and bags so don't be surprised if your find a flier or bag in your mailbox or in your door.  These scouts will be asking you to fill a bag with non-perishable food items and placing it on your front porch on Saturday morning. Even if you don't get a bag go ahead and fill your own and set it on your porch.

Then on Saturday morning, those Boy Scouts will be going door to door picking up those items and dropping them off at the High Plains Food Bank.

Some of those items you can donate are:

Canned Fruit

Canned proteins

Bagged rice

Bagged beansSo make plans to head to the store or clean out your pantries this week so you can be prepared for our local Boy Scouts as they Scout for food.

Here are a few facts about the High Plains Food Bank and the people they help:
  • In 2013, the High Plains Food Bank distributed 7.1 million pounds of food to the Texas Panhandle – or about 5.9 million meals!
  • Our food distribution per month is up 13 percent from this time last year
  • Through our Kids Cafe program, we serve over 1,000 meals on average to
  • at-risk children each week night to over 1000 children throughout the Texas Panhandle.
  • In 2013, we served 112,000 total meals through our 8 Kids Cafe locations. In the 10 years of Kids Café, we served over 1 million meals.
  • Approximately 14,000 different people receive assistance through emergency food programs through the High Plains Food Bank in any given week
  • 35 percent of the members of households served by the High Plains Food Bank are children under 18 years old
  • Among all client households served by emergency food programs of the High Plains Food Bank, 73 percent are food insecure – 31 percent of those are experiencing hunger right now
  • 48 percent of clients served by the High Plains Food Bank report having to choose between paying for food and paying for utilities
  • For every $1 donated, the High Plains Food Bank can distribute $10 worth of food! (this is due to receiving food from all over the country)
  • In previous years, inventory in our warehouse was approximately 600,000 pounds which is down from 1.5 million pounds in 2012.
  • The High Plains Food Bank serves 29 total counties in the Texas Panhandle – 30,000 square miles!

So now you can see how your donations can help alleviate hunger in the Texas Panhandle.

Remember the Boy Scouts, and Scouting for Food this Saturday by placing your donations on your front porch Saturday morning.