Snoring is something we're all very familiar with. In fact, most of us have been guilty of it at one time or another. Recently, the people at MattressNextDay did a study to see who snores the most.

Amarillo landed in the top 5 in the state of Texas when it comes to snoring.

Let's Spin This As A Positive. We're Good At Snoring.

Most of the time, snoring is seen as a problem. It's a nuisance to those of us sleeping beside you midnight horn blowers. As you try to suck the rafters down with the fury of a thousand hurricanes, we think fondly on the days when sleep was something we were acquainted with.

One of the most infamous outlaws associated with the Lone Star State, John Wesley Hardin, supposedly shot a man for snoring too loud. Texas and snoring go way back.

We can say that in Amarillo, we're just keeping the tradition alive.

How Did They Find Out We Snore So Much?

They gathered a lot of data, and even crunched the numbers on numbers of searches done regarding snoring. No, they weren't hanging outside of your bedroom listening with a clipboard and taking notes.

Amarillo ranked 5th in the state of Texas. I imagine there's a lot of us sleeping soundly, and others trying to sleep through the sounds.

We're better at snoring than Lubbock who came in much further down the list. The top snoring city in Texas is Denton.

If You Are A Person Who Snores, Maybe Try Fixing That

Snoring can actually be a pretty serious indicator of other issues. While we've been making light so far, it's not something you should just shrug off.

The Mayo Clinic is a great resource for information on the conditions that snoring can be a sign of, and even has a lot of helpful tips to help you out.

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