Amarillo, Texas may not seem like much of a hub for the arts for those who aren't from around the Texas panhandle. The truth is that Amarillo has a diverse community of artists. That includes filmmakers. It might be surprising to some that Amarillo is the home of an upcoming international film festival.

Amarillo International Film Festival 2024 in Amarillo, Texas

It's another festival for you to add to your calendar. We've seen a flood of them in recent years celebrating everything from music to murals. There's a festival for pretty much everything in Amarillo, and that includes films. The Amarillo International Film Festival will be held in October of this year.

It's exciting, honestly. A film festival held in Amarillo, and the word "international" always adds a little extra something to whatever you tack it onto. I'm assuming we can expect to see entries from around the world. I've always been a sucker for foreign films.

The Mystery Surrounding The Amarillo International Film Festival

There's not much known as of right now about the Amarillo International Film Festival. I say this because their website is pretty much devoid of details. It's going to be Oct 10-12 of this year and submissions are currently open. As far as ticket prices go to attend...that's a mystery. It will be held at Arts In The Sunset, which I'm very excited about. I still haven't been to see it since the reopening.

There are several categories for submissions, and prizes range from cash for gear and some time booked at the Sharpened Iron Studio soundstage to an artisan-made award.


To keep up with the latest info, you're encouraged to sign up for email alerts. You can also keep track of the latest on their website at this link.

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