I recently came across a social media account name Dmngo's Arte. It belongs to an Amarillo artist, and it showcases a variety of projects in various mediums. As luck would have it, I was soon afforded an opportunity to speak with the man behind the art.

He has a goal; a mission. He wants to paint a mural in Amarillo that reflects and honors the history and culture behind Yellow City.

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Decades Of Learning, Leading Up To This Moment

I listened as he told me about his history with art. His family is all gifted and talented when it comes to the arts, and he mentioned how his brother was a particularly gifted artist.

When I asked him what made him want to pick it up, he said that one day he just started doodling. He found he enjoyed it, and had a knack for it, so he kept doing it.

Dmngo's Arte
Dmngo's Arte

That was around 30 years ago. He's self taught, learning as he goes. Now a far cry from just doodling, he does everything from paint to sculpt.

The Call To Do A Mural For The People Of Amarillo

As we discussed art, eventually the topic of murals would come up. Amarillo is covered in them. It seems like every time you sneeze, two more have popped up.

Seriously. We've got a lot of murals.

He told me that he wants to do not just a mural, but a very special kind of mural in Amarillo. He wants to do one that truly captures the history and culture of Amarillo.

Dmngo's Arte
Dmngo's Arte

He says that the murals we have are fantastic works of art, but he wants to go beyond that with works that display the unique culture of this area. His hope is to accomplish that with a mural or murals of his own.

The designs are done, and ready. He even mentioned that spaces have even been offered up. He's just needing the financial backing to get it done.

Art; More About Passion Than Profits

We went into great detail on how a lot of times art isn't the biggest profit making venture out there. Most of the time, you're lucky to just cover costs of supplies and the time put in.

For this artist, it's much more about passion than the profits at the end of the day. He told me how years ago he had a booth at the flea-market. People would come up to him and say how inspired they were and how they wished they could paint.

Dmngo's Arte
Dmngo's Arte

He would hand them a blank canvas and tell them to get started.

Over the years, this self taught artist has been invited to display his works in galleries in various places. He has been asked to do commission pieces. The answer is always the same, as long as he can do it his way and stay true to his art.

Be sure to follow Dmngo's Arte, and let's hope that he's able to get the backing he needs for the mural. I can't wait to see how they look in the end.

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