There are more murals in Amarillo "than you can shake a stick at" as the saying goes. We've got several murals in the area, and it seems like every time you turn around there's another one going up.

Have you seen the mural done by Malcom Byers at Pizzeria Nomad?

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I Never Thought I'd Like Onions This Much

The mural at Pizzeria Nomad is appropriately themed around pizza. Ingredients like peppers, onions, and tomatoes all surround a brick oven pizza.

Sarah Clark
Sarah Clark

Inside the brick oven you can see the fire burning, and next to it is a pizza covered in the surrounding ingredients.

There Is A Lot Of Detail In This Pizza Painting

When take a good look at the mural, the small details start emerging and you notice just how much went into it.

For instance, look at the pizza. Pizza prepared in a brick oven has a different texture, taste, and look than other pizzas. It has the smokey hue to the dough. The crust looks like it has that bit of crunch to it that you would expect.


Vibrant colors surround the brick oven, and the smallest details have not been ignored when it comes to the vegetables.

Just look at those mushrooms.

The tomatoes all look plump and have a red shine to them as if they'd just been washed and are about to become part of a pizza masterpiece.

Pizzeria Nomad
Sarah Clark

It's a beautiful mural.

Where You Can Find The Pizzeria Nomad Mural

Pizzeria Nomad is located at 34th and Georgia. If you've ever been on that side of town, you've no doubt seen it.

It's a hard one to miss.

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