Back on voting day, we had a chance to update the parks and give them a bit of a facelift.

That measure however was voted down, and the parks were left in the same condition they were in.

The city however has decided to still work on the parks and give them a little more eye appeal, and it's going to showcase some members of our community.

Parks & Rec has teamed up with the City of Amarillo Beautification and Public Arts Advisory Board to start showcasing some local art pieces in a myriad of the city's parks.

The board is funding some art pads to be installed at 7 different parks around the city. These art pads are circular concrete foundations that will be bolted to the ground and allow for some of the city's local artists to showcase their work.

Amarillo has long been known for it's unique artwork, I mean just think about all the horse statues around the city.

You'll be able to find the art pads at Thompson Park, Sam Houston Park, Rick Klein Park, Memorial Park, John Stiff Park, El Alamo Park and Bones Hooks Park. The pad in Memorial Park is already up.

If you're an artist that's looking to potentially have your work displayed in one of the parks, all you need to do is send an email to

It should be exciting to see all the different pieces that start to pop up around the city. I'm hoping we're going to see a lot of different unique pieces!

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