Making your way down Soncy there have definitely been a few changes over the last year. A new Braum's has opened up along with Panera, There is also a few new restaurant options in the works or close to opening like Jimmy's Egg and Firehouse Subs. There's already no shortage of car dealerships on the street and it looks like another one is about to join the bunch.

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CarMax Quarterly Earnings Jump 28 Percent
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According to the most recent market update from Coldwell Banker Amarillo, A plot next to Street Autogroup's dealerships here in town has been sold to CarMax. If you aren't familiar with the brand here's their story.

Why Buy New?

Used Car Retailer CarMax Reports 55 Percent Quarterly Profit Loss
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It's no secret the New Car market is going through some tough times right now, supplier issues and stock have made finding new cars a little tough. Any car lot in Amarillo right now is not as full as it could be and it's a dance of moving cars around on lots to make it look like there is more available. Where CarMax comes in is they deal with used cars exclusively, something that is never in short supply and any car dealer will tell you demand is high due to the shortage of new cars. They market themselves with a no hassle no haggle buying process with top dollar for your trade in which is pretty standard fare. The dealership also offers its own in house financing, extended warranties and service shops as well. The Company opened a location down the road in Lubbock back in 2019

While there's no timeline on the opening of the Amarillo location there is a sold sign on the lot and that's a start. Speaking of cars... who doesn't love a vintage or classic? keep scrolling we got a few from the more recent car shows here in Amarillo

Look At All The Pretty Classic Cars

The Polk Street Cruise is a beloved annual event where classic cars of all make and models slink across Downtown Amarillo for a crowd of bystanders to admire. And like many other events across the globe, the Polk Street Cruise skipped 2020 amid Covid-19 restrictions.

But nothing would stop this year's event, not even cloudy skies and rain. Amarillo's renowned Polk Street Cruise was on August, 7, 2021 and had a tremendous turnout. Did we happen to see you there?

The 2021 Vineyards Car Show in Amarillo, Texas

After a one year break due to COVID-19, Vehicle owners were proud to show off their rides at the Vineyards Car Show hosted by the Amarillo Area Corvette Club.

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