When you are scrolling through Facebook have you noticed all the negative stories lately?

Especially after this past weekend. So when I saw this story it is just the story Amarillo needs right now.

Fast thinking saved a little girl's life yesterday here in Amarillo. Her mom took to Facebook to find her hero.

Eighteen month old Emma was with her babysitter, Adelina Ohmes, in a car when she began to have a seizure. They pulled over to the side of the road.

A very scary situation. That is when “Edward” pulled over to help. He did not ignore the situation in front of him.

That is when the power of Facebook took over. Katie McAllister, Emma's mom, wanted to find “Edward” to thank him for helping Emma. She posted this to the "Ask Amarillo Anything (At Your Own Risk)" page.

If anyone knows Edward the service manager at Street Toyota I would like to thank him for helping save my daughters life today. All I have is his first name and that he’s the service manager at Street. If you know him pls let him know I’m trying to get in touch. Thanks.

That is when the folks of Amarillo came together to help Katie find her Guardian Angel, Edward. With a story like this though they did ask for the whole story. This story is great.

According to Katie:

My babysitter had my 18 month old out of the car on the side of the highway while she was having a seizure and aspirating, she turned blue. Edward stopped and called 911 and drove my babysitter and my baby to a place where they could meet the ambulance. He’s a hero to me.

Turns out according to the help she got on Facebook this hero is Edward Jordan and he is the Service Express Manager at Street Toyota. Wow! She did get in touch with Edward to thank him.

See there are good stories too that you can find on Facebook. This is one of them. You start with the quick thinking of Emma's babysitter, Adelina to pull over for help and Edward for actually stopping to help, this story has a great ending.

Credit: "Ask Amarillo Anything At Your Own Risk" Facebook Page
Credit: "Ask Amarillo Anything At Your Own Risk" Facebook Page

Thank you Amarillo, Adelina Ohmes and Edward Jordan for giving us a story we can all be proud of! Thank you for keeping this girl safe!

credit: Katie McAllister
credit: Katie McAllister





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