Let's face it Amarillo has some great places to eat, and for a foodie it's a dream.  Now we might not be a big city with tons of eclectic choice, but our city has some really great restaurants, really awesome chefs and just some amazing food.

We know how great the food is in Amarillo, now the world get's to know as well.

Amarillo was named in the Wallet Hub's Best Foodie Cities in America.

Source: WalletHub

We came in at 137.   Yes, I know that is out of 182 cities in the country, but the country has way more cities than 150 and we made the list so I thinks that's great.

We were also ranked 75 for affordability.

We have some awesome food and we were a part of list that goes up against the big cities, like NYC, San Francisco, New Orleans, and even Dallas/Ft. Worth.

So know that you know we're a great foodie city, where's your favorite place to eat?

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