Not too long ago, we were all looking forward to the start of summer. Plans were being made for Memorial Day weekend. Amarillo Parks and Rec were announcing the schedule for the city pools.

Unfortunately, Amarillo pools are having a really hard time with the massive rains.

Pools In Amarillo Were Closed Today Due To Weather

The alert was put out on social media. Because of low temps and the potential for more storms this afternoon, the decision was made not to open city pools today.

Sad news for those who were hoping to soak up a little sun at one of the city pools. However, given the recent turn that the weather has taken, I understand the decision. It sucks, but I get it.

Last thing you want is a pool full of kids and then a gnarly storm comes rolling in. It's no fun for anyone.

So Far The Pools Have Yet To Be Open In June

I scrolled through posts on Amarillo Parks and Rec's page, and I stumbled upon an interesting fact. So far, the pools have yet to be open in the month of June.

Posts dated starting June 1 and going through today all say effectively the same thing. The weather sucks so hard right now, that the pools can't open.


While most us have been focusing on flooding and rivers, and rightfully so, I feel that we might have overlooked the fact that the city pools haven't been able to open yet this month.

I just imagine someone walking in to an office somewhere, turning on a local weather forecast, and then flipping a table at this point.

What Temperature Do We Have To Hit For The Outdoor Pools To Open?

On a post made yesterday about the pools not being able to open again, a fun little piece of trivia was dropped on the social media masses. What's the magic number we have to hit in order for the pool to open?

We need to reach a balmy 75 degrees.

In order to open the pools, the temperature must be above 75 degrees in the forecast. I suppose it's something I've never really paid much attention to considering it's usually hotter than hot this time of year, so it's not really much of an issue.

Fingers crossed the weather plays ball, and maybe tomorrow the city's outdoor pools can be open for business.

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Amarillo and Canyon Farmer's Markets

Amarillo and Canyon have some great community and farmers' markets.

They take place in the summer into early fall. It's an opportunity to find fresh produce, one-of-a-kind items, jams, jellies, bread, and more.

If you haven't had a chance to visit you should.

Canyon Farmers Market - Square in Canyon
Saturdays 8am-12pm

Amarillo Community Market - 1000 S. Polk St.
Saturdays 8am - 12:30pm

Golden Spread Farmers Market - 3701 Plains Blvd. Parking Lot
Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays from 7 am until sell out.
Early in the season of this market produce is scarce as the season moves on and crops are harvested, you'll see more and more of your favorite veggies.

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