You hate to see it. It's a sure sign that the end of summer is officially just around the bend. Your time at the pool is limited.

The City of Amarillo has released info on when you can expect the pools to close.

Basically, You Better Make The Most Of This Month

Because after August, you're going to need to find another pool. Now would be a good time to become friends with your neighbor if they have one.

According to a post on social media, Parks and Rec will be closing up the pools by the end of this month for the season. Even more unfortunate is that some are closing sooner than others.

Southeast And Southwest Pools

Do you have plans to be at one of these pools this weekend? You better make those plans. Both will be closed after August 7th for the season.

The post on social media explained that this is to give seasonal employees time to prepare for another school year.

It is hard for a high school student to get ready for school while they're watching your kids at the pool. I get it.

Don't fret. You still have one more option.

Thompson Park Pool

Thompson Park Pool will be open weekends only for the month of August. That's according to the announcement on social media.

So, if you're bummed about the other pools being closed you can take solace in knowing that Thompson Park Pool will still be open.

At least for this month.

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