On most days, I hate the Panhandle winds. Today, I absolutely loath it. It blew in with a gift from California, Arizona, New Mexico, and whatever western state that's on fire.

I'm sure you have noticed the haze that blanketed Amarillo yesterday. On my way home yesterday, I thought it sure looked smokey and I hadn't heard a word about any local fires. If it had a smell, I couldn't detect it. The TV weather guys said it wildfire smoke from our neighbors to the west and should be gone in the next 24 hours. Well, that shouldn't bother much at all.

When I got home, the dogs were panting and the cat was sneezing. Must be the smoke. They'll be fine tomorrow.

Oh, I was just fine with it, until this morning. I woke up feeling I had luggage stored in my nose. And then, the fun started. Around 7:15, I turned Melissa's mic on and then mine. I said one word-maybe two. With 100,000 watts of power behind me, I proceeded to cough, like I had smoked for 40 years. I don't smoke but if I'm going to cough like this, maybe I should start.

My eyes burn, coughing was soon followed by sneezing, and my ears are plugged up. Let's review...I can't see, breathe, hear, and probably can't taste. So, now I beg..plead upon the Panhandle winds to blow this West Coast haze, OUT OF HERE.

And, I still can't smell a thing.


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