Amarillo, Texas is among many towns across the county that have opted to keep their brick roads. Why? Brick roads are noisy when you travel down them. It's not a smooth ride at all. While historical significance is all well and good, surely there must be a better option. I thought so until I did a little digging.

Amarillo, Texas Still Has A Lot Of Brick Roads

You might not know this, but Amarillo, Texas still has a lot of brick roads and loves them. Supposedly, voters in 1910 approved paving streets in Amarillo using bricks. Since then, these brick roads have been a part of daily life in Amarillo for a lot of people.

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In 2003, Amarillo still had just over 16 miles of brick road. In 2002, it supposedly cost around $200,000 to restore one block of brick road in the downtown area. That's a hefty investment for a block. The question remains, though. Why do all of this for some brick road?

Are Brick Roads Actually Better?

I get the historical significance, and honestly, it does make certain historic neighborhoods aesthetically pleasing. The old houses and the old brick road just go together like Norman Rockwell and simpler times.

But could these brick roads actually be better in the long run than the other options we travel on? Some would emphatically say, yes. In fact, they're not just better, but some say they're preferred.

Supposedly, brick roads last longer. According to some sources, a brick street can last 100 years. Concrete and asphalt will need to be replaced way before they hit their century mark. Others point to the fact that brick roads seem to be a good way to make motorists slow down. I don't know about you, but I don't trust driving fast over brick. It sounds like it's chewing my tires and ripping them apart.

No matter the reason why we have them and continue to keep them, I doubt we see that change any time soon. Here's to history, longevity, and noisy rides.

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