Beginning Sept 4th, if you want to attend Amarillo City Commission meetings, you'll have to wake up, a little earlier. The start time moves from 5PM Tuesday afternoons to 7AM Tuesday mornings.

This works for Melissa and I, as we're already at work and ready to entertain you, on the way to complain about the stack of mattresses, in your alley. But, what if you are the kids ride to school? Do you drop them off at the locked school, in the dark? Or should you take them with you to the meeting so they can see how city government works?

Besides more early listeners for us, there could be an entire cottage industry that pops up. Perhaps daycare centers can open at 4AM, just to make  sure you have plenty of time, to get downtown. It would be awesome to see all the food trucks, show up at 6AM. Dropping stuff off at the cleaners? Maybe they can be open 24 hours a day.

Need to pay for a speeding ticket? The judge will see you 3:30AM. First pitch at a Sod Poodles game? 2AM. Election day begins at midnight. Need a new cell phone? Who doesn't enjoy shopping at 1AM? Car dealers could open at 4:15. Banks, auto part stores, and your doctor will be open by 5AM. WT & AC can have classes from Midnight to 6AM.

Is there some kind of hidden genius at work here? Talk about economic development! Amarillo could be the only city that's closed during the day. We roll OUT, our sidewalks at 10PM. Imagine the look on people's faces, as they drive through on I-40. We'd be the talk of the nation! Ghost town during the day and a financial boom overnight.

I'm totally impressed.  Someone put some time into this.  It's only a trial run for 90 days and then be re-evaluated. It could go back to 5PM or move to Midnight. Stop off at the honky some shots and come talk to the Mayor.

Oh boy, this is gonna be great.


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