With a buffet of videos already on YouTube of people trying these blasphemous beans, I knew we had to do something different and had make you a part of it.

Putting a little twist on BeanBoozled, we asked you for trivia questions about Amarillo. If I answered wrong, I would roll a single die to determine the number of beans I would eat. We even let you vote on which colors.

I learned a lot about myself through this experience. I can take a lot more punishment than I thought possible. 12 hours later and I still can’t get the smells and tastes out of my mind.

Fun facts I learned:

The actress who played the role of Morticia Adams in the original TV series “The Adams Family” was born in Amarillo.

Amarillo started burying cars in 1974 (Cadillac Ranch).

Wonderland Park hasn’t always been called Wonderland Park.

Rob Zombie even shows some love to Amarillo in one of his songs.

I don’t care to ever touch, smell, see, or taste one of those jellybeans ever again. This was pure torture. It ruined my breath, appetite, and my sense of taste. Keep an eye out for more Facebook Live Games in the future.

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