I decided to go out on a date tonight and got some help from my new Google Mini. I’ve had fun with it, but now I need it to come through and help me plan a perfect night.

I asked my Mini five questions to help me plan my night out. Keeping Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics in mind, surely my Mini has my well being and happiness in mind.

I love pizza, and so does my date. So that's where I started. Then I moved on to dessert, cocktails, a movie, and what I should wear.

  • Who has the best pizza in Amarillo?
    1. 575 Pizzeria
  • Who has the best desserts in Amarillo?
    1. Taste Dessert Bar
  • Where is the best place to have a glass of wine?
    1. Crush
  • Who makes the best martinis?
    1. Butler’s
  • What is the best movie theater in Amarillo?
    1. Tascosa Drive-In (closed for the season); Cinemark Hollywood 16
  • Should I wear a jacket tonight?
    1. It’s predicted to be cold tonight in Amarillo. Expect a temperature of 31.

Not too shabby. And sure, the results were probably based off of ratings I could have easily searched for myself. This saved a lot of time.

I couldn’t get it to book an Uber driver for me, but that’s what I have a phone for. Would definitely recommend letting a Google Mini plan your night out.

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