Every Friday Night at 5pm I count down the 10 Biggest hits from the week, spotlighting a specific year in the 1980s.

It's amazing to see and hear how music styles have changed over the years, but the one constant is, 'a great song transcends time.'In radio we have a saying, 'a hit is a hit is a hit.' So, I thought I would amp up the Best of the 80s a little more by letting you check out the #1 records that you were listening to on the radio this week for each year in the 'Decade of Excess.'

To what the video of each one, just click on the song title.

Slip on your legwarmers, grab that Rubik's Cube and hug your Teddy Ruxpin and enjoy this songs that 'were #1 on the charts and #1 in our hearts.'

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