The white dress that singer Amy Winehouse wore on the European version of her breakthrough, 2006-issued album ‘Back to Black’ raked in $68,000 at an auction, according to Reuters. The dress fetched well over the price that auction experts were predicting before it went on the block. Given Winehouse’s tragic and unexpected passing this past summer, interest in items related to her has naturally increased.

The chiffon piece was put on the block by designer of the dress, Disaya Sorakraikitikul. All proceeds from the sale of the frock will be donated to The Amy Winehouse Foundation, which the late singer’s father set up in her name and memory after her death on July 23 at the age of 27. The foundation was launched to help young people who struggle with addiction and dependency.

The dress was initially expected to sell for around $32,000 so it raised double the estimated price. There is one obvious question here and that’s what will the new owner do with it? It would seem crazy to pay nearly 70 grand for a dress for posterity or to preserve it, but it’s also a piece of music history and wearing it might cause it to either be ruined or lose its sentimental value.  What would you do with the dress if you notched the winning bid, dear reader?

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