If you own a donkey in Hutchinson County, you need to be sure you watch your ass. If you've lost your ass, you're kindly requested to come move your ass before it goes to auction.

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I could do this all day.

Juvenile and silly puns ass-ide (last one I swear) the Hutchinson County Sheriff's Department needs someone to come pick up their misplaced donkey. You don't have long before your donkey is taken to auction.

Identifying Marks on the Donkey

The donkey has several trademark donkey features. It has two long ears with black tips, four legs, and a faded halter. It has an annoyed look in its eye as if to suggest it couldn't care less about being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

When the Donkey Went Missing

It was picked up on Sep 16 on High Plains in Fritch, Texas. If it isn't claimed by October 16,  it goes off to meet the highest bidder.

If you know who this donkey belongs to, or if it's yours, call the Hutchinson County Sheriff's Department at 806-274-6343. You can also call 806-273-0930.

The Comments Section Is What I'm Living For

Go ahead. Follow the link to the original post. The comments section is pure gold. My favorite is when someone tags someone else with the question, "This yours?" The response is usually something along the lines of, "So that's where my husband went!"

It's not award winning comedy, but it gets a chuckle out of me.

This Is One of the Best Parts of Small Town Living

One of my favorite things to do when living in an agriculturally minded area is report on the wide variety of animals that get loose from time to time. Looking at you, llamas. You just don't get to have these conversations when you live in major metropolitan areas.

If you know anything, reach out. In the meantime, watch your ass. Sorry. Now I'm done.

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