Here's one way to have a blast at the Academy Awards: Get your drank on! Anne Hathaway took that sentiment to heart at this year's Oscars, she spilled on 'Live With Kelly and Michael' yesterday, April 8.

"This year, I guess because I hosted one year -- I don't remember, but I did," she recalled to the audience of her (in)famous co-hosting gig with James Franco in 2011.

"Block it out!" she joked. "I have."

But this year, Hathaway was just an attendee -- not a host, and not a nominee (she won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in 2013), which meant she could loosen up a bit.

"I've gone through it a couple times, and this year I decided to do something completely different," Hathaway told the hosts. "I got a perfectly purse-sized flask, which I put tequila in, and I had a great time."

"It was really nice," she revealed of partaking in the hush-hush drinking, "and it was a great icebreaker." And when Michael Strahan asked her if she shared her little secret with her fellow guests, Hathaway had this to say: "Of course!"

"[Joseph Gordon-Levitt] was sitting next to me, and Gabby Sidibe. She's SO awesome. She did the funniest thing," Hathaway gushed, relaying a story about how the 'Precious' actress was texting while everyone else was talking -- something Hathaway jokingly called her out on.

But it turns out the joke was on Hathaway, who fell all over herself apologizing when Sidibe told her that she had a sick family member in the hospital -- which, of course, just ended up being the 'Precious' actress' idea of a joke. LOL!

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