There's no doubt that we are starting to get back to more of a normal pattern around here in Amarillo. More and more businesses are opening up, and for the most part the only restrictions I've been seeing are now businesses that can't fully open up because of a lack of staffing. Plenty of businesses are looking to add to their teams and this weekend Westgate Mall is jumping into the mix with a job fair of their own.

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Michael J. Rivera, Townsquare Media
Michael J. Rivera, Townsquare Media

I'm gonna channel my inner Hank Hill here and admit that I've had my days at the mall selling Phone and Phone Accessories and don't laugh.. beepers (dating myself here.) It's an interesting environment to work in because there are so many different types of retail that someone getting into the job can find the right fit.

Hiring also includes some big Amarillo Players too

There are at least 20 stores inside the mall that are looking for employees to fill the ranks. Among them department store giant Dillard's, Bath and Body Works and clothing retailer Charlotte Russe. There are a few out of mall businesses including Amarillo ISD who has quite a few job openings of their own they will interview for. Tyson Foods and Texas Home Healthcare will also be on site offering jobs.

The event takes place Saturday, June 26th at the Westgate Mall Food Court from 1-5pm and I'd recommend dressing for success. That first impression could be everything especially since many of the employers are hiring on the spot. There also happens to be another job fair being hosted by the City of Amarillo too worth checking out too.

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