I remember at an early age having to lie. OK, it was a good lie I believe. I don't even know why it was important. I was young. Ask me how old I was? Depends on where I was.

Maybe my mom needed daycare help. I need to ask her. I just remember memorizing and practicing this time and time again. I think it backfired. I was supposed to say I was four at Tot Lots and three at home. The problem is that is exactly what I said. Someone at Tot Lots, the headstart program asked me my age. That is exactly what I recited. I mean that was what I was taught.

Getting into a program to get you ready for school is important. I mean my daughter asked me the other day what to do with her daughter. She is only seven months. So a head start is important.

credit: AISD
credit: AISD

Times have changed. Yes, getting a head start is still important. Amarillo Independent School District is making it easier on parents.

Hunting for the best head start for your little learner? Discover the premier early childhood education programs available in Amarillo ISD at our Pre-K and Kindergarten Safari. This special adventure-filled Kindergarten and Pre-K roundup event is for parents and kids who will be 3, 4 or 5 by September 1, 2022. Explore your neighborhood AISD elementary school on April 26 or May 17.

See I would have been accepted at three OR four years old. No lying necessary. What a much better world this really is these days.

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