Over the weekend I flew back from San Antonio via Dallas to Amarillo. San Antonio to Dallas was an uneventful quick flight; however Dallas to Amarillo was a nightmare. A couple in their late 50’s was booked from Dallas back to here in Amarillo. Adding to our delay from Sunday’s storms in the Dallas Fort Worth area was the Amarillo couple who decided they were entitled not to wear their masks required by Southwest Airlines.


They wore them in the terminal but upon boarding refused to wear them on the plane. When the couple was informed they either wear them or are going to be escorted off the plane by local police, the drama began with yelling and cursing by the couple. This all wound up with the flight being delayed and everyone on board had to deplane, and with the bad weather entering the area led to the flight ultimately being cancelled. The next flight to Amarillo was Monday morning at 9 am.  The couple was eventually denied travel and escorted out of the terminal by police. Everyone cheered. Then we realized that we were about to spend 12 plus hours in the terminal waiting to get home to Amarillo. All over a mask.

Last week Delta Air Lines made news after a plane headed to Atlanta circled back to its gate in Detroit, delaying takeoff. The crew was returning to expel two passengers who had been unwilling to follow a new coronavirus rule. Wear it or else.

When it comes to the new rules for the novel coronavirus, airlines like Delta are taking them very seriously. So far, Delta alone has banned 100 anti-maskers from taking flights and has gone a step further by adding them to a "no fly" list.  All US airlines now require passengers to wear face coverings. Children under age 2 and slightly older children who cannot maintain a face covering are exempt from the requirement. Adults are generally permitted to remove a mask only when eating or drinking, though policy varies.

Many businesses have similar rules: Be Masked or Leave. It’s not that difficult.

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